Our goal is to help students achieve their dreams
through lifelong learning, healing for the self as well as others, and providing a purpose for life.

St. Luke University offers five degree programs and one certificate program in three distinct schools, each carefully designed to accomplish the mission of the university.
School of Theology. Mission.
The School of Theology offer programs of study from Bachelors to Masters to Doctorate, each designed to prepare you for ministry or to grow closer to the Word of God.
School of Asian Medicine. Healing.
The School of Asian Medicine is a rigorous program in the study of acupunture and Asian medicine. The university awards the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree upon completion of the program.
School of Language. Learning.
Language is the center of understanding and communicating. And it is with language that we learn. To help us learn even better, the English as a Second Language program is the first step in achieving a fulfilling education.
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Approved by the BPPE
Approved to operate in California.
Approved by the CAB
Students who graduate from the MSOM program are eligible to sit for the California Acupuncure Board exam.
Select programs are certified by the SEVP to issue I-20s.